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The objective of this site is to provide quality resources.People can prepare for Competitive Exams like Bank POs, UGC, Intelligence and other exams where aptitude test is required. Freshers could prepare for their interviews. Important Q/A tutorials are also included here. IT Students could learn Web Technologies like Jquery, Joomla, HTML5, CSS and many more.Furthermore, the Aptitude section is beneficial for students appearing in PSA Exams also. Sometimes, parents get confused about the selection of the best stream for their children. At that time also we play the role and suggest different streams for students to the choose their career. Depending upon their Capabilities we suggest them best streams. At our unit SR Coaching Centre we teach students of PSEB , CBSE , ICSE , IGCSE & IB-Boards of 5th to 10+2 classes. you could register yourself to get online study materials. Thus you could learn all subjects under single roof and save time. We teach Science subjects Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Statistics, Accounts and other Commerce subjects upto Bcom level. class Online study materials,like self assessment-tests and guess papers etc are provided to prepare for examinations. We study the students with smart classes. We have Audio-Video resources to develop the concept understanding level of the students in subjects like Physics,Chemistry and Biology. So our students do not cram the things, instead they better understand the concepts and perform best in the examinations.We believe in the overall development of the students. So time to time workshops (Free of Cost) are also conducted for the physical and mental growth of the students. students PSA Exams score could help them to better perform.The short cut techniques taught under this heading could prepare them better to perform best in the PSA Exams. chemistry
Smart Maths can be helpful to those who are interested in enhancement of their mathematical skills. This part could be beneficial for students preparing for UGC-NET, TET-PUNJAB, CDS, Banking Exams and other exams where fast calculations are required. student In these types of exams speed matters. So if candidates want to solve questions correctly and at a high speed. Then this part may prove to be beneficial. Candidates could use this part to learn new tips and tricks to solve the problems at high speed.Furthermore, if kids use these smart mathematics techniques, they could be able to perform the calculations at high speed.Traditional methods of calculations are good, but smart methods of calculations are best. Most of the time the parents' are worried about the career of their children.They don't know the exact stream in which their children could excel.It is also important that the course should meet the capabilities of the children too. career2 Although myriads of courses are available in the market, but on the basis of assessment of the students we recommend them the best stream in which they could excel.Sometimes the parents are unaware of some of the courses and colleges. In that case also we make them aware of the courses and the colleges that conduct those courses. career
Workshop-1 S.R Coaching centre organised a Workshop on fast mathematics on April 17, 2016. During the thought provoking session students learn myriads of tricks to make fast calculations. workshop-1 workshop-1 kids study S.R Coaching centre organised chess competition among students of different age groups.Yogesh stood First and Ayush stood second in the event. kids study kids study kids study
Now a days, Every sector has an eagle eye on people with excellent reasoning and logical skills.This section is profound with practice tests. Students after watching the tutorials could appear in the tests present in this section and could judge themselves.These methods are also good for students appearing in 8th, 9th and 11th standards. Because they can use these methods to appear in PSA Exams,and could achieve higher score. kids study PSA Exams score could help them to better perform.The short cut techniques taught under this heading could prepare them better to perform best in the PSA Exams.
We provide quality Education to the students of BCA,MCA,PGDCA and Btech classes. Students join us for various professional courses.
Web Technologies PHP, MySQl , JQuery , BootSrap, HTML, CSS. Technical courses We believe in live project only. So our students work on live projects during their training period and that too at affordable prices.Domain name and hosting is provided to the students at the joining time so that they could upload their projects and enjoy industry experience.
It is guaranteed that after completion of training period students could develop websites independently.
CMS Joomla , Wordpress, Drupal, Magento and Ecommerce Websites in core PHP
Animation software
Game Programming Unity.
Basic Programming in C, C++, Dotnet technologies.

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