Our team comprises of experts in their fields. They provide services at affordable prices. Whether it may be solving assignments or online-coaching, they provide their best. Being owner of infinite patience, students could ask questions till their level of satisfaction. After becoming regular students, they could ask their tutor to solve some of problems even free of charges. Our experts allot slots to the students till they have free slots, so that they do not get overwhelmed.


We believe in students' satisfaction extremely important, so before joining the course/tutor they should understand the tutor and his/her teaching pedagogies. Because of this reason, for the reference of the students we are providing some of our video lectures so that students could have an idea about their future tutor. These videos are added so that parents could trust that their children are going in the safe hands. Because of interactive session on skype/zoom students could enjoy & feel that their private tutor is sitting in front of them.

Demo Online Lectures

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Multiplication with 11
Product of numbers close to 100
Square of 50 series
Divisibility Tests
Square of a number